Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! :D

I have some good news to share with you all today. My doctor's receptionist called me about my lab results. She said that all of the results turned out GREAT and I have a clean bill of health. When I heard the news I felt like climbing to the top of my roof and shouting it to the world!!!!!

The phone call came in at about 11:52am EST. I picked up the phone and said, "Hello?" She said, "Hello, may I please speak with Mr. Samuel Whatley?" I said, "This is he." She told me her name, laughed a little and said, "We finally have your lab results."

I said, "Give me the verdict." She told me that everything turned out fine. They way I reacted when she gave me the news you would think I had won the lottery....lol!!

If you recall, I had blood drawn on me this past October 31st. I asked my doctor's substitute how soon will I receive the results, he said it would take only a couple of days. Well, as we can see, it's been way past "a couple of days". It's been what....two weeks, maybe?

Going that long without hearing some results made me nervous. Especially after I continued to call and ask about them. It made me wonder if something was wrong and they were trying to re-test the blood or whatever.

I asked the receptionist did she know why it took so long for the lab results to come back. She told me that in one of the exams I was being tested for H. pylori. H. pylori is a bacteria if left untreated the bacteria can lead to digestive illnesses, and even stomach cancer later in life.

She told me that the way that particular exam is set up it takes a while for the results to come back. She apologized to me for the delay of the results. I told her that she took a huge worry off of my shoulders. Now, I can breathe easily and prepare for my endoscopy on Monday.

As you may know, I have been scheduled to have an endoscopy performed on me this Monday. As with the lab results, let's pray and keep our fingers crossed that everything turns out fine.

Thank you so much, for staying in contact to find out what's been going on. I will most surely keep you all up to date on my endoscopy.

If you would like to find out what happened with my endoscopy, please feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed. Until then, you have yourselves a wonderful day and a much better tomorrow! :D

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