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Today, I found out something that's pretty news worthy concerning those who suffer with chronic acid reflux. I learned that from 1998 up to the year 2005, people who suffered with chronic acid reflux have visited the hospital by a whopping 103%.

The report was provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It was said the cause in the increase was due to obesity
Obesity is a known cause of acid reflux It's not a good idea to ignore any symptoms you may be experiencing, because if left untreated then acid reflux can lead to esophageal cancer.

According to Dr. Gerard Isenberg, (who's a Gastroenterologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center), he was surprised that a type of cancer called esophageal adenocarcinoma became among the fastest-growing disorders from acid reflux among hospitalized patients.

"Dr. Isenberg said, "It's one of the few cancers in this country where the incidence is increasing."

The report also noted that the rate in hospitalizations for GERD in infants also increased up to 42% for those under age 2 and 84% for children age 2 to 17.

According to William Encinosa, (who co-authored the research), he couldn't explain the increases in children. But he does believe these hospital visits may reflect that more children are being treated with surgery.

Encinosa said, "The surgery to repair the esophagus has become a lot less invasive. Doctors are a lot more likely to do the surgery on young kids."

It was also in the report that more people hospitalized with chronic acid reflux experienced secondary symptoms. Dr. Isenberg said, "It's important that doctors recognize these symptoms, and also that GERD may exacerbate asthma attacks.

Obesity may not be the only reason GERD diagnoses are increasing. Patients are also more aware - and are more likely to be medicated - because of the heavy marketing of heartburn drugs."

So as you can see acid reflux has the potential to lead to some very severe health problems. Please, if you continue to experience any symptoms two or more days a week after using different OTC
(over the counter treatments) then I would recommend you to please see your doctor as soon as possible.

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