Peter's Story

I don't usually BLOG, but I really have to get this out there. I am a male, 48 years old, in good shape, and in good health. I have been suffering from Reflux attacks, which I initially thought were heart attacks. They came on suddenly, caused my heart rate to jump, and of course the worst acid feeling in my chest.

I looked on many sites, I altered my diet to less acidic foods, avoided nuts and seeds, just about anything I read, I tried. Last week, I stumbled on an article that pointed out that its not so much what you eat, but how much you eat, and when. You may be thinking - "how obvious".

I am, or was a big eater. I'm athletic and lean, with a good appetite, so when I sat down to eat, I "cleaned the plate". After reading the article 2 weeks ago, that talked about smaller and more frequent meals versus the "three large" I was living on, I figured I'd try it.

I have to tell you that by simply not stuffing myself with food at each meal, and really listening to my body, as to when I was "full" or even not waiting that long to stop shoveling food in, I have not suffered an attack in two weeks - no kidding, Night and Day.

This is my story . It might not work for everyone, but if you have AR and you are a big eater, please give this a try. It might work for you, it worked for me. I've trashed the Tums, and I am no longer on prescription meds for the reflux, which is a good thing.

Best of luck to you!!! Reflux Sux!



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