Tricia's Story

With my first child we had huge problems with acid reflux. I had taken to breastfeeding with a bath towel. At each feeding she would take her fill and then give it back just after. This was terribly scary.

Katee was 6lbs. 12oz. at birth, she was putting on weight, but the pediatrician suggested "Baby Zantac" for her reflux. The medicine worked great for a week or so, then the doctor increased her dosage.

This was the pattern until about 3mos, at this point we had gotten up to the maximum dosage level. I decided that if the medicine was only going to give her a week or so of relief I'd rather just take her off and find another solution.

At this point I know all the experienced mom's are thinking, that's it? That's all you did? Katee was my first baby and this was in 2001, so info wasn't there. I assumed that my doctor would tell me if there was another option. (Yes I was stupid).

After the birth of my second child I was researching natural methods of dealing with acid reflux and GERD. There was no way I was going to run the same medication game on my second child.

It turns out that I have a simple problem, I produce way too much milk and my let down is rapid, this creates a fire hose effect. No wonder my little one kept getting worse!

With Sam I took precautions, I fed her in an upright position (this means her upright) and I let a bit of milk go as I let down. Doing these two things cleared the whole problem up!

Some other natural options are available (think about what you do) incline babies head during sleep, or check for allergies (stop certain foods for two weeks, then reintroduce and watch for a reaction).

Good Luck!