Acid Reflux and Sinusitis

Did you know that there's a relationship between acid reflux and sinusitis? Yes, some doctors believe that while acid reflux is not always the cause of sinusitis, stomach acid can cause symptoms when it travels all the way up to your nose and sinuses.

The acid irritates the nose and sinus linings. The nasal passages narrow, making it difficult for mucus to drain properly. This may be a reason for discomfort in your nose, and would also explain why you may experience post-nasal drip or a choking sensation.

Strange as it may seem, persons whose acid reflux causes sinusitis often do not experience any heartburn The exact reason for sinusitis and acid reflux is still unknown.

Acid reflux has the potential to cause or aggravate other medical disorders such as asthma. People who suffer with asthma acquire acid reflux more often than people without asthma..... Read more

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